Polar Express 2015

We just experienced our third annual Polar Express trip! This has become one of our favorite family traditions. Briggs was pumped. He remembered the train, cookies, "warm" cocoa, Santa and the North Pole from last year. Kerigan had barely turned one last year, so this was her "first" time all over again. She was terrified of the Polar Express Bear, Snowflake. She wouldn't take her eye off of him. She didn't trust that guy one bit. But Briggs loved him. Briggy even taught the bear his favorite dance. 

I'm so thankful we got to go this year. It was a game-time decision because Kerbear wasn't feeling well earlier that day. But thank goodness for her quick recovery. And we're even more thankful for matching pajamas. 

On our way to the train station!

Briggs can barely contain his excitement when he sees the train. 


Even baby is happy. (especially now that the bear is out of sight)

The Robinson girls

We're digging (and sharing) these cookies

I knew Briggs wouldn't have a problem with Santa this year...

But Little Miss wanted to keep a distant eye on him. She didn't even give the jolly old elf a chance. 

But she sure does love those cookies. 

We love the Polar Express! So happy to kick off the Christmas season with this family fun. 
Let the magic begin :-)

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