Our August Hangout

So far this month, we have ventured to Traders Point Creamery a time or two. On Fridays, they have live music throughout the year, but August has been so darn beautiful that we haven't been able to resist frequent visits. We love the creamery because everything is quaint, organic, kid friendly and its a literal farm to table concept. The kids love to visit the cows. On these Friday nights, they even have a mini petting zoo which is extra bonus points. 

I brought my big camera to one of our visits, because I'm guilty of taking client photos and not enough of my own family's (the reason I learned to love photography). So here are a few I took and plan on printing to display at home. I love candid shots of my kids. This is who they are right now and I want to always remember that.

I love their relationship. I'm probably going to canvas this one, actually. 

The relationship he and Kerigan are forming makes my heart explode. When I catch him dancing with his little girl...game over. I fall more in love. 

These goofs. 

The essence of B + K

A close up of the stinkers. What is she plotting?

I'm so thankful for this beautiful month of August and places like TPC. Making good ole family memories this month.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the last one of them hugging-such a treasure!