Sunny August 2015

July showers bring August flowers, right? We had an awesome August! Between the sunshine, concerts, zoo days, farm visits, pool parties, the state fair and school starting...we are loving life and sleeping well :)

Some cute little things about the kids this month:
  • Briggs has gone from calling me "mommy" to "mama." He says it all the time and the way he says it is so endearing. I think he's a southern boy at heart
  • Kerigan refers to all food as "nummies" She came up with this on her own
  • He still loves Madagascar
  • She still loves Ring Around the Rosie
  • They both get giddy when they see their cousin, Kinsie
  • They are both crazy obsessed with Lola. Like they fight on who can take her on walks. Thank goodness that pup is so patient with them.
  • Kerigan's vocabulary has exploded this month, She went from maybe 20 words to over 100. 
  • Briggs thinks Kerigan is the funniest person known to mankind. Her sarcasm and sense of humor makes him laugh. Not giggle-but deep, uncontrollable belly laughs. Which just encourages our little comedian even more. 

Here is our August Video. It's a little longer than usual- but there were just so many sweet memories to capture :) What an awesome summer its been. I'm not ready to see it go- but some pretty incredible things are on the September horizon. :)

Enjoy the show!

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