Our State Fair 2015

...is a great state fair. Don't miss it! Don't even be late! 
We're soaking up more of fair season! Who doesn't love the state fair? It's the one day of the year where calories don't count ;-) I used to think all the fried foods were weird because I was secretly mad I wasn't trying them. But then I decided to live a little annnnd the donut burger changed my fair world. The kids love the fried potato chips, popcorn and lemon shake ups.  This year, they even tried their first elephant ear! I had to convince Briggs it wasn't a real elephant ear before he took a bite :)

We visited all the animals' barns, fed some goats, loved on some baby calves and took a tour of the Glass Barn to support my amazing cousin, Katie (or Kath, as I like to call her) who works with the Indiana Soybean Alliance.  

Loves her Yaya.

Twinkle toes, as Pops calls her

Family photo shoot at the Glass Barn. Awesome idea and so fun!

We got to pet horsies with Kinsie, ride a "tractor choo choo," snuggle with Yaya, have a family photo shoot, see baby piggies and visit our fave, the Dairy Barn for milk shakes.

My sweet bug. So happy to be at the fair.

Love this family and our Hoosier adventures!

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