Team Elmo Season Opener

You may have noticed a lot of our "life lately" posts have consisted of us playing soccer. We have been practicing for a reason. Briggs played "Little Kickers" when he was around 18 months. He was a new walker then so any type of coordination with or without a ball was considered a win. We took a break from LK after Kerigan was born. Then last spring, he asked us if he could play again. So we signed him up for "real" soccer. 

So far he has had two practices and one game. We lucked out by getting some amazing coaches who happen to live in our neighborhood. This is all new to us so we have no expectations. But they are encouraging, patient and fun with our little boy. He's quickly picking up the concept of actual soccer. I am so proud of him for hustling the entire game. He may not have hustled toward the ball, but he hustled. We are excited for the season with Team Elmo and to watch our boy grow and meet new friends. 

Briggs had quite a fan club show up for his 8:30am start. 

Our boy in action

More of his fan club.

Showing #6 some love after the game. He loved the tunnel despite his cautious expression. We call that his bulldog face.

He was pumped after his first game with his #1 fan by his side. 

We love you Briggy! We are so proud of you for hustling, listening to your coach and having fun. We hope this is the first of many more games where we get to be your biggest fans. 

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