Our Madagascar Zoo Day

Today is the kids' first day of preschool. So instead of crying in a corner, I'll channel my energy into telling you about our scavenger hunt at the zoo. (First day of preschool post and pics coming soon!)

Our Madagascar scavenger hunt at the zoo was the love language to my son's heart. He already has a passion for animals. And as mentioned before, he has been on a Madagascar kick since June (all three movies of the series). 

So when we arrived at the zoo on Friday morning and I showed him our scavenger hunt map...he smiled so big I think I saw tears in his eyes. Our mission was to take a picture with every "Madagascar" animal below. He has told everyone he knows about our "Madagascar Zoo" since we left. Since we are already members, it didn't cost us a dime and made for the perfect last day of summer for us. 

Here is our scavenger hunt map. If you're in the Indy area, feel free to save and use yourself! Notice, there's no Gloria...we need to put in a request for hippos at our zoo to complete the Madagascar experience ;-)

If you've sent the third movie (the Circus-probably Briggy's current favorite) then you know Vitaly the tiger. Here he is with the real tiger ;-)

The monkeys play an important role in the second Madagascar movie

That silly bear with King Julian.  Kerigan was loving that the real bear was taking a bath. 

Marty! This is who Briggs wants to be for Halloween...right now.

Mr. Melmin. Kerigan was playing peek-a-boo with the giraffes. 

Alex was show boating while the real lion was relaxin' on the rock.

So I know Gia is actually a jaguar and this is a cheetah...but it counts for our scavenger hunt ;-)

King Julian with the lemurs

Stefano swimming with the seals and sea lions. K is in her happy place.

The lovable penguins with Skipper and his crew

And....Finish! We did it!

The zoo is somewhere we frequent often but with just a little twist, you can make it a whole new adventure. With a fun and restful weekend behind us, we are ready to tackle the school year!

Disclaimer: [All three Madagascar films and all characters' images are property of Dreamworks] The magic of photoshop was used in order to make my son's day. 

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